What does it mean to be feminine?

From the Oxford English Dictionary:

Feminine, adjective: having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness. 

It's hard to be limited by an entry in a dictionary, or a label attached to us by others. Nobody consulted us while they were defining words that would dictate the very nature of our being, relegating us to roles we didn't choose. While there's nothing wrong with being delicate and pretty, that isn't what it means to be feminine. What it means to be feminine is for each of us to decide. We won't be limited to a single line entry in an outdated dictionary. 



For Ironman athlete, Aubrey Wall, chopping off her hair was a way to take control of her appearance and show that femininity for her wasn't defined by how long or short her hair was. Plus, it makes maintenance around her training routine much easier.